Chris MacGeorge

Senior Project Delivery Officer
Bureau of Meteorology

Maria’s involvement in the Floods and You Community Education Project was the right person at the right time. Her lateral thinking saved the project from a sad ending, and her enthusiasm and commitment to the process provided us and the community with an outstanding product. The work won an award in the area of public safety education, and we owe Maria all the praise for this achievement.


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Lesh Prasad

Sales & Marketing Manager
HELP Enterprises Pty Ltd

“As a specialist in Disability and Diverse workforce management, our industry comes with a suite of unique characteristics. Maria brought a keen interest and passion to understand the subject matter intimately.  Maria not only writes to win tenders but also writes to educate the reader, a rare find. Maria is both a professional and an expert in her craft.



Dr Steve Turner

Manager, Academic Practice and Digital Resources
Southern Cross University

I have known and worked with Maria for 2.5 years, and during this time Maria has operated in a number of roles.  In each role, Maria has performed in them most inspiring and professional manner, and brings much more to the role than her technical skills.  Maria has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of areas, and is always willing to share her knowledge with her colleagues. If you know Maria your life has been enriched by her friendship.


Michael Lillehagen

Training Solutions Director
BAE Systems, Saudi Development & Training

I have had the pleasure of working with Maria for the past three years, who has always demonstrated a high level of integrity and professionalism in everything she does. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the educational sphere, Maria has consistently met desired outcomes through identifying and implementing effective educational solutions. I highly recommend Maria as an educational specialist and can confidently say that throughout my experience, Maria comes second to none.


Dr Mervyn Wilkinson

Catalyst of Change Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Maria was my supervisor when I worked in her section as an L & D and Curriculum Cultural Change consultant at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.  We remain respectful colleagues.  I consider her a learning and development expert.

As well as her L & D expertise, Maria is the essence of all that is good about a facilitative leader. She listens, informs, suggests and leads groups with process expertise that is seemingly seamless, but effective.  She directs towards goals with clarity and collaborates in an exemplary manner to achieve project milestones bringing complex issues, adaptively, into strong and simple solutions. I hold her in the highest of esteem, and I know she has high respect from her colleagues and staff. In turn she was incessant with her work to head her staff into a culture of stronger L & D outcomes, informed professionalism and team cohesion.

Maria’s insight and perceptiveness, and her support for individuals in her team and her team as a whole, is expressed clearly through her unique gifts of emotional intelligence.  I found Maria a manager with intellect, heart, and soul and with a very focused and strong conscientiousness to get the job done in the best way possible.  She is one person I would have on my own consulting team. I know when given the responsibilities, opportunities and sponsorial support, that she achieves business imperatives and results required that are envied by leaders of organisations today.


Trevor Ryan

Training Manager
Northrop Grumman Corporation

I have worked with Maria for over three years now, and her ability to utilise innovation, creativity and problem solving, has produced excellent training packages.  This has been achieved by Maria being solutions and project focused through maintaining positive stakeholder and team engagement, whilst Maria’s ability to mentor both up and down, demonstrates a natural willingness to share knowledge and information.


Mark Sinclair

Head of Safety, Quality & Compliance

Maria carefully balances competing cultures whilst maintaining a focus on achieving the desired outcomes.